There is a heaven in the world of translations

You want brilliant translations: speed, quality and a smoothly flowing text. In short, you require more than a mere word-for-word alternative in another language. Then we are here to help you. Altair is not only the name of a star that glints and glistens in the sky, it is also an impassioned translation agency that excels in translation services.

5 good reasons for choosing Altair Translations:

  1. Translations in all European languages
  2. All translations are done by native speakers
  3. More than 15 years experience
  4. Translation is our one and only core activity
  5. All texts are revised by a 2nd person

Our specialties are tourism and sports

You can entrust all your translation work to Altair Translations. However, we do have two specialist subjects, namely tourism and sports.

The jargon of heavenly beaches, relaxing trips or historic buildings holds no secrets for us. Many tourism departments and museums have come to rely on the outstanding translations of Altair.

We also have a great deal of in-house know-how with regard to texts about sports. Do you know the correct translation in all European languages of 'slipstream', 'rebound damping' or 'tackle-dummy'? We do.

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