Altair speaks 1 language: the native language

Altair Translations started in 1993. Initially, as the one-man business of translator Jan Sterckx and from 1999 onwards, as a limited liability company. With over 15 years experience Altair Translations can rely on a strong and competent network of 'regular' freelancers. This enables us to provide quick translations into all European languages. Quality is our main objective and this is why all our translators only translate into their mother tongue.

Bridlington United AFC or Real Madrid?

We have combined our passion for translation with our passion for sports. Whether you belong to an international team or a local amateur club, the passion is the same everywhere. We instil that passion and love of the game into our 'sports' translations.

If translating were an Olympic discipline then Altair Translations would definitely be going for gold.

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